Ubud Art Shop

Welcome to KUN^KUN SHOP
KUN ^ KUN SHOP is a small business enterprise, founded in 23 November 2006, it is a Bali based company specialising in, high quality handicraft of Batik product. Our product our made using natural materials such as Albasia wood, Damar wood and other local woods which are environmentally friendly. Batik (pronounced as 'bateek' ) technique is about applying wax and dye on the piece of wood, using Canting (a pen like instrument with a small reservoir of liquid wax). The wax itself is combination of paraffin, bees-wax and plant resins called Gondorukem and Mata Kucing.

KUN ^ KUN SHOP co-operate, with the greatest local craftsman in Java and Bali, who painstakingly assemble and paint each product by hand. The products are then inspected by KUN ^ KUN SHOP to ensure the highest level of quality.

Over the years, new products are constantly being brought to market. Batik product have developed from photo frames into a larger range such as home wares, stationary, and home accessories. KUN ^ KUN SHOP has now developed the product range with other designs and materials. We now having a multi-natural materials such as cloves, rattan, hard wood, soft wood, feather, aromatherapy and even dolls.

With three professional and friendly staff in our UBUD SHOP, fifty experienced craftsman at our workshop in Yogyakarta Indonesia, we work together to make KUN ^ KUN SHOP grows.